My friend Mike is stylin’ in San Diego with his real life Hot Wheels, a 1970 Dodge Coronet 440. It’s a meaty, throaty beast and nothing suits him better on a Sunday afternoon. Forget the Ferrari, he gets just as much attention driving this beauty around. In one afternoon, adults in pick-up trucks stopped to admire this “sweet lovin” automobile, and one small child on the beach pointed at yelled, “Look at that car mommy!”

With its wide open cab and gentle roar powering up the San Diego hills, I’m easily transported back to my childhood. Suddenly I want to eat ice cream and don’t know why. After a while it sinks in that driving around in this car is an amalgam of every car you’ve ever been in from that time period. Taking it out today its so novel. In the midst of modern shoulder belts, bucket seats and power windows, I felt like a young Dr. Who in an automobile-tardis.


For the sensation of almost being there, be sure and listen to the 2 minute clip below. Its a real gem complete with crazy conversation, fat people, and a tire screeching burn out!
Coronet Cruisin.mp3

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    1. Mike and I were neighbors as kids in Morton, Illinois. I recently found him on Facebook and caught up with where his life has taken him. Thanks for sharing this adventure – I haven’t seen him since he was about 13!!!

      • by christian

        Well Lori, he’s no longer 13 but he’s still just a big kid now! Haha.

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