Bizarre Christmas in Bangkok, Thailand

Xmas Ostrich

This is an erotic image, which I suppose it should be. But why an ostrich? I did a little research and found that during the Edwardian period, trees made of colored ostrich feathers were popular at trendy Christmas parties. But that is a rather obscure reference, if there’s any connection here at all. No, there is actually a deep psychological mystery in these images, as archetypal as Christmas itself, and we are about to unfold its message.

Below is another such display. The white theme is now in full vogue, and the outward sexuality of the past has transformed into a more demure humility. Here our fantasy bird has gotten loose, and the two lovers eye each other with great interest. Again with the eroticism, ever present throughout Thai society. Notice the white skirt is also see-through. Here is the dance of hypnotic romance, and they still do not yet trust each other. But the tables are about to turn.

Girl & Ostrich

Next we see a very elaborate display, where the white theme of presumed innocence has fully developed into the strength of love conquered. In red our ostrich now appears regal, perhaps even royal. I do not know whether to kiss the bird or to eat it. But first I would have to pry it from the arms of its young lover. The bird is definitely the man of the house now, standing tall and commanding while looking forward steadfast. It has made its escape, regained its masculine power and now confidently leads the young woman by her arm. She looks into his eyes softly awaiting direction, with a very different expression than we saw in the first image. The woman has in fact reverted to a younger, perhaps weaker self while the ostrich has now become her master. This is evidenced by the smaller body, girlish dress and more innocent hair style. The more masculine ostrich has also traded his leash of pearls for a heavier set of beads he now wears under his own power.

The above images clearly depict a progressive tale, all within the symbolism just passing on the street. Quite remarkable truly.

Elsewhere in the city, here is an actual Christmas tree, something identifiable with Christmas. But that is not Santa in front of it.

Below is nice, a harmonic choir singing traditional carols to passersby. Awesome, and they are even playing their own instruments!

But what exactly is that alien overlord behind them? Is it the Christmas Puppet Master?


And now for the strangest intrigue of the holidays ever. We arrive at the courts of Alice In Wonderland, or some other acid trip worthy of a Lewis Carroll Looking Glass reference. In the already extravagant courts of Siam Paragon (an upper echelon shopping mall) lies the heart of all things Christmas and Commercial in Bangkok. I’ve seen some elaborate Christmas scenes here before, but this year superbly takes the phantasmagorical cake.

What we see inside Paragon is apparently a leaping sleigh of… horses. They are connected by a string of red lights on either side, guiding their trippy path. Santa is nowhere to be found, perhaps training the more traditional reindeer elsewhere. The Christmas horses have bloated or rounded bellies, wearing the costumes of a court jester to a masquerade ball.

Back outside we see some nice nuclear colors in glass Christmas trees, strategically placed to sell all the goodies inside. A Buddhist stuppa stands tall elsewhere, under a “Happy Holidays” sign in the distance.

And of course, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without a visit from Santa to the red light district of Soi Cowboy.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!