This is an erotic image, which I suppose it should be. But why an ostrich? I did a little research and found that during the Edwardian period, trees made of colored ostrich feathers were popular at trendy Christmas parties. But that is a rather obscure reference, if there’s any connection […]


The Flooding of Bangkok with 10 Billion Cubic Meters

These images just north of Bangkok were taken from the plane, only minutes before landing at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport. Only contrast and color correction were applied, to cut through the haze of the plane window. Widespread devastation is clearly depicted, and moving threateningly closer to Bangkok every day. The flooding […]


Great times in a 1970 Coronet Time Machine

My friend Mike is stylin’ in San Diego with his real life Hot Wheels, a 1970 Dodge Coronet 440. It’s a meaty, throaty beast and nothing suits him better on a Sunday afternoon. Forget the Ferrari, he gets just as much attention driving this beauty around. In one afternoon, adults […]


Launch Day

Here we go, launch day on September 03, 2011. This is a very special date for me. On this day I’m in Austin, Tx. The temperature is well into the 100’s, but windy. This site features both imagery and words, please don’t get lost. Come here to the blog often. […]